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For Businesses

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We provide a service for businesses, schools and local authorities. We're licensed by the Environment Agency for every aspect of our operations (See linked text).

We guarantee:

  • No landfill of used equipment,
  • Resource extraction from obsolete/ faulty hardware,
  • Non export to developing countries,
  • Compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Directive.

Environmentally Conscious:

We believe it's important to offer a service that takes the CSR of our clients into account. That's why we issue all the necessary paperwork to cover the transfer of your wastes (See link for details). In order to ensure you remain compliant with regulations, we may also ask you to obtain a hazardous waste licence, particularly if your old equipment contains sufficient quantities of Hazardous Waste (See link for more details).

We apply a rigorous level of standards to our operations and ensure that nothing ends up in the wrong hands. Our operational outputs (the by-products we produce) all go to Permitted Facilities that we have vetted, ensuring they are licensed to accept the specific wastes.

What we Accept/ Collect:

items we recycle

Our operation is geared towards the extraction of raw materials from redundant equipment and will treat all forms of I.T. waste. Our service is the trusted partner of many SME's, corporates and Blue Chips (references here) who all use our services for:

Non Hazardous wastes including:

  • Computers, Servers, cables, keyboards, mice, networking equipment, printers, server racks, telecom hardware, A/V hardware (video/ DVD, cameras), toner and ink cartridges, cables, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, radios, mp3 players, cameras, laboratory equipment.
Hazardous Wastes:
  • CRT and TFT monitors, laptops, flatbed scanners, Uninterruptible Power supplies and televisions.
  • White Goods, Vending Machines, cleaning equipment, lighting equipment (including fluorescent tubes)

What we Provide:

We provide the transport, processing and destruction of all media types. Further details are available via the link.

Some Stats about what we do:

  • Process of all obsolete or broken hardware in compliance with the Waste Electronic and Electrical Directive.
  • Processed 160 metric tonnes of Computer equipment in 2008.
  • In 2009, our employees completed 320 contracts, transporting and recycling 200 metric tonnes of I.T. related hardware.
  • During 2013, we destroyed in excess of 5000 Hard Disks, 12,000 tapes and 0.5 tonnes of CDs and DVDs

For Consumers:

  • Environmentally conscious ethical solutions.
  • Drop off your Old Electronics/ Electrical Equipment at our recycling center.

Our service is available for users who wish to drop off their unwanted I.T. equipment and peripherals (addresses available here). Our facility is open every day (Mon to fri) from 9am to 5pm. Please ring ahead to ensure someone is available.

If you are unsure of the nature of the equipment you are disposing of (whether it's hazardous or not), please contact us first for advice.

We accept postal deliveries, parcels and Pallets, but please include your details so we can send you your waste transfer notes.

Our Solutions:

We provide a number of solutions for consumers who want to recycle their old equipment, including:

  • Post your used IT equipment to us for safe, secure recycling.
  • Destroy your own data prior to leaving it at your local council recycling centre.
  • Deliver your computer to us by hand. We have 2 warehouses available in the UK, which accept drop-offs.
  • Have us collect your unwanted equipment (charges may apply to this service)

A Professional Solution:

We provide a professional solution that ensures old hardware is ethically recycled inside the UK at our own facility.

Data Security:

We guarantee security so you know your confidential data will be fully destroyed without the risk of third party access.

More details are available at the foot of the home page. Alternatively, please take a look at our media destruction processes here.