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Cambridgeshire and Norfolk

A local Service:

Founded in 2005, Cambridge Computer Disposal is part of a family owned business, based in the North of Cambridgeshire. We collect waste computer equipment from businesses and schools throughout East Anglia (Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire & Suffolk). We will pick up any equipment, irrespective of age or condition. Details of how we operate are available by clicking the highlighted text.

We operate a fully licensed recycling centre, under 'Permit' from the Environment Agency and have qualifications suitable for running what's known as a Medium Risk facility. This means that we can collect and recycle any waste electrical and electronic equipment and actually strip it down, taking out the hazardous materials in the process.

How We Operate:

We re-use a proportion of the equipment that we take in and recycle the rest. Anything we re-use ends up in a good home and we occasionally get to support charities along the way.

When we strip down equipment, we physically separate out the various materials that are inside a them. Separated materials are then bundled up and end up being re-used to manufacture new goods. There's not much left by the time we're finished.

We're conscious of the numerous environmental laws (regulations) associated with the management of waste and our professional qualifications (see below) and experience ensures our recycling centre continues to get a clean bill of health from the Environment Agency.

We do charge for our service, but the cost to those local to us is minimal and reflects transport and someone's time. End users and Businesses are also welcome to drop their equipment off and our addresses are shown on our "Contact Us" page (top right of menu above).

Some of Our Clients:

our customers who are happy to offer references

Qualifications & Accreditations:

We hold accreditations and qualifications relevant to our sector. Our qualifications are issued by WAMITAB, the awarding body of the 'Waste Management Industry':

  • CIWM Professional membership (Chartered Institute of Waste Management)
  • IT Qualified personnel (MCSE technicians)
  • Waste Management NVQ Level 2
  • WAMITAB QCF level 4,' Non Hazardous Waste'
  • Degree qualified management
  • WAMITAB NVQ Level 4: 'WEEE Operator Competency', Certificate No: 100/2781/6 certificates and licenses to recycle


We've got numerous licenses for what we do. Our licenses cover waste electronics and the transport of waste:

Further Environment Agency Approvals:

  • Scrap Metals, paper, cardboard and packaging treatment facility
  • Manufacture of certain goods from wastes
  • Treatment, processing and re-use of waste toners

Full Destruction of any Data:

Computer hardware usually contains confidential information and that's why we provide a full destruction and certification process for it. We've tailored this process around 'BS/EN 15713' and taken on board advice issued by government bodies (The CPNI), meaning that we process any equipment with data on it within 24 hours, in a secure environment. We certify the destruction of any media and issue you with a spreadsheet that documents each drive we destroyed. Our destruction processes include:

  • Binary wiping of Hard Disks to UK MOD or NIST/ US DOD standards.
  • Total physical destruction of Hard Disks (crushing/ shredding): Example Hard Disk Destruction Video.
  • Auditing of storage media during destruction process.
  • Granulating of optical media.
  • Granulating of magnetic tape media.
  • Granulating of solid state media.
destroying hard disk drives and then making a certificate